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Pacific Crest Trail



Bucks Lake Wilderness, California

On the crest of the northern Sierra Nevada, the wilderness receives very heavy winter snow.  Bucks Lake is fed by melting snow, and supports a rustic resort area.  Backpacking is fine, or even the longest loop can be done in a day by hikers in excellent condition.  The Pacific Crest Trail passes through.  The area is lightly used, and we like it that way, but welcome visitors who share our appreciation of the beauties of our public lands in Northern California

We cover
the most fetching trails
within 2:10 of
Chico, California.

Lassen National Park and adjoining wilderness

Snow Mountain Wilderness, California

An island in the sky, rising a vertical mile from the dusky oak foothills at its base,
Snow Mountain agitates the atmosphere, wringing out snow and rain.
The summit area is about three miles across, and contains charming meadows, springs,
and burbling creeklets, punctuated by wide-ranging views over the northern Coast Ranges
and far beyond.


                                     maps and website by Michael Jones